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Show Results and Pictures of Plants from Around our Shows

Artistic Open Section

Aggregate table for 2013

for shows: South Wales, Early Spring, Blackpool, Kent, London, Cleveland, North Midland, Dublin, Northumb., South West, Midland, Ulster, East Anglia, Malvern Artistic, Malvern, Southport, Summer South, Summer North, Summer Mid-West, Autumn South, Loughborough Autumn, Newcastle

1Jon Evans, Farnham 391146834
2Jean Morris, Berkhamsted 4181252
3Caroline Jackson-Houlston, Risinghurst 32613310
4Joan & Liam McCaughey, Ballinderry Upp 2656284
5Peter Maguire, Gosforth 19393926
6Peggy Dawe, Purley 1521253
7Kit Strange, London 7201613
8Kathleen Baker, Llanarthney 713188
9Graham Nicholls, Timsbury 682447
10Rannveig Wallis, Carmarthen 26177
11Martin & Anna Sheader, Southampton 26126
12Joan Bradbury, Elwick 132221
13John & Clare Dower, Frodsham 131546
14Maeve Spotswood, Bray 2230
15Janet Mathias, Bray 1143