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Aggregate table for 2012

for shows: South Wales, Early Spring, Loughborough, Blackpool, Kent, East Lancashire, South West, Northumberland 40th Anniversary, Ulster, Cleveland, London, North Midland, Midland, Dublin, East Anglia, Malvern, Southport, Summer South, Summer North, Summer Mid-West, Autumn South, Loughborough Autumn, Newcastle

1Jon Evans, Farnham 32926514
2Jean Morris, Berkhamsted 3266111
3Peter Maguire, Gosforth 13375312
4Rannveig Wallis, Carmarthen 103000
5Martin & Anna Sheader, Southampton 62273
6Joan & Liam McCaughey, Ballinderry Upp 112190
7Joan Bradbury, Elwick 412216
8Graham Nicholls, Timsbury 59432
9John Hill, Worcester 3908
10Anne Wright, York 4410
11Peggy Dawe, Purley 33190
12Clare Beumer, Thurles 2200
13Caroline Jackson-Houlsto, Risinghurst 1110
14Maeve Spotswood, Bray 1100