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Ulster AGS SHOW 2011

Trophies and Awards

Cooke Cup
   most first prize points in Open Section
Liam Byrne, Dublin 16
PRIZE POINTS: first:22 second:4 third:2
J A E Hill Trophy
   most first prize points in Intermediate Section
Kay McDowell, Limavady
PRIZE POINTS: first:7 second:1 third:0
Malcolmson Cup
   most first prize points in Novice Section
Sam McDowell, Limavady
PRIZE POINTS: first:8 second:0 third:0
John McWhirter Award
   most first prize points Photographic Section
Jon Evans, Farnham
PRIZE POINTS: first:16 second:1 third:0
Muriel Hodgman Art Award
   most first prize points Art Section
Jean Morris, Berkhampstead
PRIZE POINTS: first:9 second:0 third:0
AGS Medal
   Class 1 - 6 pans rock plants distinct
Festival of Britain
   Northern Ireland) Trop
(Class 2 - 3 pans rock plants distinct)
Harold McBride, Lisburn
Cowan Trophy
   Class 7 - 1 pan Gentiana
Gordon Toner, Limavady
Carol McCutcheon Award
   Class 21 - 1 pan Ericaceae, excluding Rhododendron
George & Pat Gordon, Bangor
Garratt Cup
   Class 27 - 3 pans rock plants for foliage effect
Liam Byrne, Dublin 16
AGS Medal
   Class 38 - 6 pans rock plants distinct not more than two of any one genus
Lionel Clarkson, Blackpool
Phebe Anderson Trophy
   Class 62 - 3 pans rock plants raised from seed
Harold McBride, Lisburn
AGS Spoon
   Class 65 - 6 pans rock plants distinct
Betty Hill Trophy
   best plant in Intermediate Section
Joan & Liam McCaughey, Ballinderry Upp
Fritillaria camshatcensis
C H Hammer Trophy
   best plant in Novice Section in flower
Sam McDowell, Limavady
Iberis oschtenica
Diamond Jubilee Award
   best pan of Ericaceae in Novice Section
Alpines '96 Award
   best plant from Australasia
Harold McBride, Lisburn
Myosotis albosericea
SRGC Quaich
   best plant in a pan not exceeding 19 cm
Ian Leslie, Bangor
Androsace cylindrica
Farrer Medal
   best plant in the Show
George & Pat Gordon, Bangor
Leiophyllum buxifolium
Certificate of Merit
   plant or exhibit of outstanding merit
Liam Byrne, Dublin 16
Physoplexis comosum