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Aggregate table for 2006

for shows: South Wales, Early Spring, Loughborough, Blackpool, Kent, East Lancashire, South West, Northumb., North Midland, London, Cleveland, Dublin, Midland, North of England, Ulster, East Cheshire, Malvern, Southport, East Anglia, Summer South, Summer North 30th, Pershore, Loughborough Autumn, Sussex, Newcastle

1Jon Evans, Farnham 23614416
2Jean Morris, Berkhampstead 2757195
3Sheila Brown, Maidstone 16502836
4Peter Maguire, Gosforth 11263351
5Joan & Liam McCaughey, Gilford 71500
6Peggy Dawe, Purley 812232
7Maureen Ledgerton, Braintree 681211
8Rosemary Powis, Canterbury 48101
9Rosemary Cox, Harrogate 8830
10Fiona Earle, Hertford 3701
11Jackie Murray, Stamford 161126
12Pete Murray, Stamford 26515
13Anne Wright, York 6600
14David Lapsley, Newtownards 24154
15Caroline Jackson-Houlsto, Risinghurst 2435
16Sam Lloyd, Redditch 1364
17Mr RB Watson, Countesthorpe 1321
18Pam Turtle, Sible Hedingham 22136
19Trudi kiang, Bray 2213
20Peggy Parker, Baily 1110
21Judy Russ, Ormskirk 1100