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Artistic B Section


Aggregate table for 2006

for shows: South Wales, Early Spring, Loughborough, Blackpool, Kent, East Lancashire, South West, Northumb., North Midland, London, Cleveland, Dublin, Midland, North of England, Ulster, East Cheshire, Malvern, Southport, East Anglia, Summer South, Summer North 30th, Pershore, Loughborough Autumn, Sussex, Newcastle

1Sam Lloyd, Redditch 15232716
2David Philbey, Petersfield 122082
3Rannveig Wallis, Carmarthen 111910
4Richard Bourne, Dawlish 57216
5Joan Bradbury, Elwick 5790
6Joan & Liam McCaughey, Gilford 4670
7John Chappell, Dorchester 4640
8Mr RB Watson, Countesthorpe 3510
9Janet Mathias, Bray 2424
10Thomas Acton, Leicester 2400
11Terry Smale, Epsom Downs 2250
12Alan Flack, Okehampton 1180
13Maeve Spotswood, Bray 1143
14Ros Power, Bray 1100
15Howard Wills, Torrington 1100