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East Cheshire AGS SHOW 2004

Trophies and Awards

Cheshire Challenge Trophy
   most first prize points in OpenSection
Cecilia Coller, Norwich
PRIZE POINTS: first:1260 second:200 third:120
Cheshire Salver
   most first prize points in Section B
Edward Spencer, Egginton
PRIZE POINTS: first:490 second:50 third:30
Bernard Green Bowl
   most first prize points in Section C
Brian Marshall, High Lane
PRIZE POINTS: first:420 second:50 third:30
AGS Medal
   Class 1 - 6 pans rock plants distinct
Cecilia Coller, Norwich
AGS Medal
   Class 39 - 6 pans rock plants distinct not more than two of any one genus
Cecilia Coller, Norwich
AGS Spoon
   Class 68 - 6 pans rock plants distinct
C A Underwood Memorial Plate
   best pan Orchidaceae
Richard Manuel, Ross-on-Wye
Anacamptis (orchis) morio
Cheshire Spoon
   best plant in Section C
Richard Pratt, Stockport
Lewisia cotyledon
G F Smith Trophy
   best pan Androsace
Cecilia Coller, Norwich
Androsace studiosorum 'Doksa'
Ralph Haywood Trophy
   best dwarf shrub
Ian Leslie, Bangor
Cassiope lycopodioides ssp gracilis
Farrer Medal
   Best Plant in the Show
John Forrest, Blackpool
Saxifraga pubescens 'Snowcap'
Certificate of Merit
   plant or exhibit of outstanding merit
Thomas Acton, Leicester
Haberlea ferdinandi coburgii