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AGS Online Show - 2018, class 1

Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2018

Class 1: view of an Alpine bed shown in a garden setting (eg. scree, raised bed, rockery), brief description to be included

Entries: 5
Entry by philip walker

Small rockery,9' by 8'-25th May
Includes Penstemon,Allium,Parahebe,Santolina,Saxifraga,Linum and Dianthus

Entry by Diane Lamplough

Peat bed
Peat bed showing. Sanguinaria , Pieris, Erythronum, Trillium, Lithodora and 3 types of Anemone.

Entry by Graham Dennis

Small scree area c.4m x 2.5m in town garden, being restocked with fresh plants.

Judge's comment: This entry has been awarded the 'best entry of a group of more than one variety of plant in a garden setting or in a container such as a trough'.
Entry by john lee

An old fish pond turned into a sunken garden with scree and crevace area

Entry by Hilary Birks

Crevice bed
The dwarf white Aquilegia hybridised with nearby A. olympica to produce the fine self-sown blue Aquilegia. Other plants in flower that are visible include Lychnis alpina, Erinus alpinus, Saxifraga cymbalaria, Saxifraga koelenatiana, and Alissoides utriculata.

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