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AGS Online Show - 2018, class 10

Alpine Garden Society Online Show, 2018

Class 10: any rock plant in flower - in a pot or pan

Entries: 8
Entry by Paul Ranson

Dionysia viscidula GW/H1305

Entry by Graham Dennis

Cyclamen intaminatum

Entry by Lynn Jobson

Saxifrage Jenkinsae


Dionysia Bryoides JLMS 02-44

Entry by john lee

Rhodiola trollii

Entry by Kathy Marshall

Rebutia 'Dominika'

Entry by Eberhard Proessdorf

Iris afghanica

Judge's comment: Not enough plant shown
Entry by Hilary Birks

Lilium longiflorum

Judge's comment: Looks like Lilium regale or hybrid thereof. (several)
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