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Shows & Plant Fairs

AGS National Shows take place throughout the year and in all parts of the country.

There is an AGS Show somewhere in the country almost every weekend during the main Alpine Season from February to May.  There are also Summer Shows in June and July and Autumn Shows in September and October.  At every show there is a comprehensive plant fair where you can buy a wide range of unusual plants.

This section of the website contains results and pictures from previous AGS Shows as well as archives of the more detailed show reports from previous years.

If you are already a member of the Alpine Garden Society, why not think of becoming an exhibitor.  There is lots of information for exhibitors in this part of the site.

Androsace cylindrica If you like looking at pictures of beautifully grown Alpine plants, you will find thousands of pictures here in the Show Results area.

Show Results and Pictures

Cyclamen coum More descriptions of shows from past years and the special plants that were exhibited appear in the Show Reports:

Show Reports Archive

Michael & Caryl Baron Troughs The online show is a bit of fun - members can upload pictures of plants they have grown (in pots OR in the garden) and have them judged as if they were at a real show:

Online Show

Dionysia bryoides The Exhibitor's Handbook gives full details of the rules and list all the classes you can enter at each show.  There is lots of good advice on the interpretation of the rules in previous years' Exhibitors' Newsletters.

Shows Exhibitors' Handbook

Previous Exhibitors' Newsletters contain a lot of useful advice for exhibitors.

Exhibitors' Newsletters